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Glow: Forum of Light in Art and Architecture

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"Concept The third edition of GLOW in November 2008 follows the conceptual framing of the editions in 2006 and 2007 in which art works and architectural interventions, based on artificial light, became temporarily part of public urban spheres. The concept of GLOW is rooted in the contemporary developments of fine arts, designs and architectures. It reflects current urban designs and experiences and takes present cultural developments in account. Each edition seeks its specific approach and access to the city from different perspectives. Subjects, locations and pathways are drawn from an inter-disciplinary platform with intimate knowledge of the geography, the consistency and the spirit of the city. The amount of site-specific installations is due to the aim to root the exhibition as far as possible in the texture of the city."

Weitere Künstler & Designer: Kurt Laurenz Theinert & Axel Hanfreich - Mischa Kuball - Lia Michalany Chaia - Thomas Bakker - Ingo Bracke - LEAD - Nuno Maya & Carole Prunelle - Cecilia Nordegg & Jonathan Berkh - Daniel Sauter - Nadine Rennert - Tatzu Oozu - Uršula Berlot - Charly Nijensohn - Raumlabor - Buthayna Ali & Bayan Al-Sheikh - Gudrun Barenbrock - Stefan Hofmann - Kader Attia - Panirama - Öff Öff Productions


07.11.2008 bis 16.11.2008


Eindhoven (NL)